Resilience – a superpower!

Resilience - a superpower

Resilience – a superpower!

Workshop in English!

Resilience is a true superpower – but what exactly is it? In this short workshop you will be introduced to the concept of resilience and the 7 main pillars of being resilient!

We will talk about stress and how best to take care of yourself in daily life. Also we take a closer look at one of the 7 pillars of resilience. This is a one-hour interactive workshop – expect to leave with a better understanding of what resilience is and food for thought.

Disclaimer: Developing a superpower takes time and training!

Details of the workshop:

When: June 7, 17:00 -18:00

Where: Online (via „Teams“)

Price: 25 Euro excl. german VAT

Who: Frauke as the trainer, and you!

Who is the trainer?

Frauke Puttfarken is an expert by experience. She has worked under high-level stress for many years, until she got sick. She was diagnosed with Burn-out syndrome and has since found a better way of coping with challenging situations and stress. She now uses that experience to help others in their process to develop their superpower.

If you are interested read more about Frauke here (in German)  or find her profile on LinkedIn

And if you are looking for an English resilience format for your team – Frauke is happy to design one for you.


07. Jun 2023


17:00 - 18:00



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