Workshops and courses for companies

We design individual lectures, workshops and courses for your company, managers and employees.

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For companies , organizations and institutions

We are experienced with mental health issues. For your company, organization or facility, we can design individual workshops, courses, seminars, lectures and discussion groups on the subject of mental health and prevention on request. In doing so, we orientate ourselves towards your needs and develop individual formats that exactly suit you.

Main topics

We design individual workshops, courses and seminars and give lectures on the following topics:

  • Basics  – What are mental illnesses, what are they and how do they express themselves?
  • Conscious and unconscious prejudices against mental illnesses and people in mental crises
  • Stigma and discrimination against people with mental illness
  • Stress and coping with stress
  • Pathogenesis / Salutogenesis  – What makes us mentally ill? How can well-being be maintained?
  • Resilience concept and resilience training  – training the “immune system of the mind”
  • Healthy leadership – management training based on the do care!® concept
  • Strengthening and maintaining mental health in challenging life situations such as during the corona pandemic

Where are our topics brought up in a meaningful way?

  • In companies: Support your team and affected employees with openness and transparency in the form of trainings and workshops.
  • In psychosocial and psychiatric institutions: Benefit from the collective knowledge of the experts from experience, ask us the questions that you never ask your patients and clients.
  • In universities and educational institutions: Promotes the practical relevance of students and learners through teaching units by and with us.
  • In schools: Teach your students on about mental illnesses, resilience, stress and stress management skills with teaching units by and with us.

Selected clients

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